grunin center

The use of cameras or any type of recording devices is prohibited at all times.

For the enjoyment of all patrons and respect for the artist’s performance please turn your cell phone off or set it to the silent mode. Please also refrain from text messaging and using your phone as a light source during the performance.

Children younger than 5 years-old are typically not permitted in the theater. At designated family-oriented productions, however, children of all ages are permitted. Everyone must have a ticket, regardless of age. A limited number of booster seats are available at Grunin Center.

Late seating will be accommodated by house staff at the earliest appropriate time. Please pay attention to house staff announcements and visual light cues to enter the theatre in a timely manner.

Ocean County College is a tobacco free community. The use of tobacco products are not allowed in any Grunin Center or any space on Ocean County College campus.